Thule Light Board

Thule Light Board
Easily fitted with light board adapter 9761 on Thule HangOn 972/974, and Thule Xpress 970.
Fitted by using straps on Thule HangOn 9708, Thule BackPac 973, Thule ClipOn High 9105/9106, Thule ClipOn 9103/9104 and Thule FreeWay 968.
The car needs to have either a 7-pin or a 13-pin electric outlet to connect the light board to the car.




Thule Adapter 9906

Thule Adapter 9906Converts the car’s 7-pin electrical outlet to a 13-pin
If the car is equipped with a 7-pin electrical outlet this adapter converts it, making it possible to fit Thule’s 13-pin products.





Thule Frame Adapter

Thule Frame adapter


Telescopic adjustment for all size bike frames
New push button clamps for quick installation and removal
Molded rubber pads protect bike finish
Keeps bike securely centered and mounted on hanging style rear mounts



Thule Knob Lockable

Thule lockable knob
An accessory for rear mounted bike carriers with frame holders, making these lockable.

Available in 2 packs, or 4 packs